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Chiefs Clearly Trying To Give Game To Falcons

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards doesn't want to win this weekend.

There's no other explanation for the news coming out of KC, where Edwards is starting incredibly unproven QB Tyler Thigpen over the injured but now apparently healthy Damon Huard, who you will recognize as the not-quite-dead guy from this film clip. He's also decided that "star" running back Larry Johnson won't be getting carries in goal line situations, despite that pretty much being his calling card at this point. Coach Edwards has also required that all his players spin around really fast before each series and curl up in a ball any time Adam Jennings returns punts.

I'm pretty far away from assuring victory in this most excellent sporting event, but it's hard to envision the Falcons walking into a better situation than this. Edwards is insanely devoted to his rookies, to the point where there appears to be no rational balance between winning now and developing the team for the future. Maybe he's thinking that Thigpen will have an easy time against the Falcons, but I'm pretty sure John Abraham is literally salivating about this matchup right now. Poor Tyler may not make it through the day.

The Falcons can't afford to be lax coming into this game. I think there's a clear expectation from the fanbase, given runningback's treatise on winning. If the Falcons stay aggressive, hit Thigpen often and gouge the Chiefs with Michael Turner, this ought to be a good game for them.

What are your thoughts?