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How Will Lawyer Milloy's Arrest Affect The Falcons?

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Lawyer Milloy's arrest for DUI and speeding

The Falcons were fresh off a disappointing loss to the Bucs when Milloy was nabbed. Known as one of the league's good guys, Milloy has never before found himself in such bad light, and there's some talk of the team suspending him for a game or two to send a message to the younger players. Personally, I support anything the team feels they need to do to send a message. It just really makes me sad that it's Milloy in this situation.

Jeff Schultz of the AJC wonders how the team will react to the the fearsome tag team of Bad Loss and El Arresto will affect one of the league's youngest team. I think the impact of arrests and off-the-field incidents can be overstated, but the on the field impact if Milloy has to sit a couple games is very real. I have high hopes for Thomas DeCoud, but I really didn't want him to have to start the third game of the season at strong safety, Chiefs or no Chiefs.

More than likely, the true impact will be pretty small. If Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff are willing to deal with this swiftly and in-house, it should limit the impact it has in the locker room. It's going to be hard to hold Milloy up as a role model now, though. Guys like Keith Brooking and Todd McClure will have to fill that void if need be, and hopefully the team either just fines Milloy or gets DeCoud ready to go.

In the end, Milloy's legacy will go where it goes. It's this team's job to worry about what goes on in the Georgia Dome.

UPDATE (11:43 a.m.): It now appears that Milloy was speeding home from a strip club. Arthur Blank must be slamming his head off his desk right now