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Falcons Cut Down To 53-Man Roster, With Analysis

Big hat tip to mcboyt, who put up a FanPost while I was gone tonight about the cuts. WIth the list already out there, I'd like to take the time to dive a little deeper into what's going on behind each cut and whether it makes sense.

Follow the path of destruction, after the jump.

QB Joey Harrington: The writing was on the wall with Joey, who wasn't given the same opportunity to succeed as D.J. Shockley. Harrington's simply a known commodity that doesn't have the same upside as Shock, and this is a team that's mostly trying to get younger. Joey will catch on with another team (Packers?), but I'm fine with us keeping Shock. Hopefully he'll be groomed and will be able to take over the backup spot someday.

WR Eric Weems: Weems never had a real shot at making the roster, but that was a nice catch on Thursday.

WR Chandler Williams: Williams had a real shot at the kick return job, but he didn't do a damn thing to earn it. The fact that nobody could beat out Adam Jennings for a job speaks poorly of either the coaching staff or guys like Williams. Adios.

TE Marcus Pollard: Too old and too crappy to make the roster? Too bad. I used to like Pollard quite a bit.

TE Keith Zinger: Zinger got zinged! With both of these guys gone, Ben Hartsock and Martrez Milner form what is clearly the worst tight end tandem in the league. Viva blocking!

OL D'Anthony Batiste: Wasn't going to make it anyways.

OL Michael Butterworth: Great name, not good enough to make it. It's too bad, because this guy was a monster.

OL Kynan Forney: This was the first big surprise of the cut season. Forney would've at least made a good backup, and I'm not sure that we needed the cap space. Maybe he couldn't shake his nagging injuries or maybe he just wasn't that effective, but I don't really think we had the depth to do this.

OL Terrance Pennington: He had no shot of making the team.

C Doug Datish: Another versatile lineman. He was undersized, yes, but we could've used someone who could play multiple positions. Another cut that's a little bit puzzling.

DE Willie Evans: He had no chance.

DE Brandon Miller: Another guy who wasn't any more than a camp body, really.

DT Rashad Moore: Moore had an outside shot at the roster, but I'm not surprised.

DT Montavious Stanley: At one point he was in the running for a starting job, but with Grady Jackson signing anew he wasn't going to do that. I'm still kinda surprised he got the axe, as it seemed he was one of the better options as a backup.

LB Mickey Pimentel: With this linebacking corps, he didn't stand a chance.

LB Cameron Vaughn: I think I had a college professor named Cameron Vaughn. Did you ever teach a history course, Mr. Vaughn?

CB Wilrey Fontenot: Another pick this year who didn't quite make the cut. I'm sure he'll make the practice squad, though.

CB Glenn Sharpe: Despite an interception Thursday night, he was never going to make the roster. I'm a little surprised to see Blue Adams and David Irons making it, but the Falcons clearly have a little depth here even if they don't have front-line talent.

S Erick Brock: Poor Eric. He couldn't make it past the swinging pendulum pit.

S Deke Cooper: A solid kind of backup who was cut when the coaching staff realized his name was Deke.

S Daren Stone: Maybe the weirdest cut of them all. The Falcons kept Antoine Harris over Stone, who is far more athletic and generally has a lot more upside. In addition, they now only have four safeties, which isn't exactly a position of strength. I'm sad to see Stone go, but on a common sense level I don't particularly like this move either.

....And I still can't believe the team kept Adam Jennings.

What do you guys think about the cuts?