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Adam Jennings Is Bulletproof

The title of this post is the only explanation for this story:

Punt returner Adam Jennings, who muffed a punt against Indianapolis, came back with returns of 28 and 23 yards against Tennessee.

“I think that Adam has separated himself with the performance that he had on Friday night,” Smith said. “I know that Harry (Douglas) has got the skill set and could do it as well. It’s a two-man race, but I think Adam has pulled out in front in that area.”

Jennings won the punt-returning job last season, but has a penchant for fair-catching returnable punts. He had 19 fair catches on 30 returns last season and averaged a meager 6.2 yards a return. He had no touchdowns with a long return of 23 yards.

This is criminally insane. Maybe the coaching staff is seeing something from Adam Jennings that I'm not--maybe he can project his very soul into the end zone or something--but Jennings was not last year and has not yet been an effective returner. There's absolutely nothing in terms of physical evidence that says Jennings should take a roster spot from someone else if all he's going to do is return kicks.

I try to wish everyone well and put a bright face on everything, but there's no reason Adam Jennings should make the roster at this point when Harry Douglas can't possibly do any worse. Unless he blasts off a couple of 50 yard returns this weekend, I think Jennings ought to be looking for work elsewhere.