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Stabbing Guessward: Falcons Starters, Attempt Three

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You know the drill by now. With our bigger cut downs coming soon and the news of Matt Ryan starting, it's time once again to try to predict the starters. I am older, humbler, and wiser this time around, but you'll still probably disagree with some of my choices.

Discuss in the comments check it out after the jump.

QB Matt Ryan

RB Michael Turner

FB Ovie Mughelli

WR Roddy White

WR Michael Jenkins (early on)

TE Ben Hartsock

LT Sam Baker

LG Justin Blalock

C Todd McClure

RG Harvey Dahl

RT Todd Weiner

DE John Abraham

DT Jon Babineaux

DT Grady Jackson

DE Jamaal Anderson

OLB Keith Brooking

MLB Curtis Lofton

OLB Michael Boley

CB Chris Houston

FS Erik Coleman

SS Lawyer Milloy

CB Brent Grimes

K Jason Elam

P Michael Koenen