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Falcons Unable To Even Get A Pittance For Joe Horn

Rich McKay's final injustice before the fans of Atlanta was cut by the team Tuesday. With Joe Horn hampered by injuries and the Falcons unable to get anything for him, they finally bit the financial bullet and just released the (understandably) disgruntled wide receiver.

I was cautiously optimistic about Horn's ability to catch a few passes and be the leader last season that our team needed, but he was quickly turned irrelevant by Roddy White's stunning emergence. Left with nowhere to play this season, still believing he could play and with three years and multi-millions left on his contract, Horn wanted to get the hell out of Atlanta. And I don't blame him.

It's not right that he was so public with his displeasure, but in retrospect it was incredibly boneheaded to give a four year deal to an aging receiver when you're not definitely a playoff team. While I appreciate his tutelage, Horn did literally nothing on the field last year and was a lock to do even less this year. You don't build a great team off of aging players.

So I wish Joe the best, curse our franchise's ineptitude, and hope that we find a better use for that money in the years ahead.