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Falcons Lose To Colts, But Why?

Well, that was quite a game. Let's briefly break it down, shall we?

If we learned one thing from this game, it's that none of these quarterbacks are going to leap spectacularly in front of one another. It's really up to the coaching staff to look beyond the stats and even the games themselves and determine who should be starting for the Falcons, because not one of them has shown the ability to move the offense along. Matt Ryan and Chris Redman are clearly the only two in the running to start, and D.J. Shockley is one more bad performance away from sealing his fate, if he hasn't already.

The real star of this 16-9 pukefest was Michael Turner, who made the Colts' first-string defense look like a bunch of clowns. Jerious Norwood and Thomas Brown were solid, but it's impossible to overstate how awesome Turner looked on his two long runs. Without a full season of carries under his belt to project with, he remains a wild card, but he's starting to look like an ace for us.

Nothing special to talk about in the receiving game, either, but Laurent Robinson looked best with 3 catches for 48 yards. The passing game in general simply wasn't there against the Colts, and with the news that Matty Ice will be playing three quarters this weekend, I'm hoping we can get receivers a little more involved.

A couple of sacks and a few hurries for the Colts on Saturday, but overall our line looked okay. I'm getting an early sense that the passing game is going to suffer for their struggles much more than the running game, yet another good reason not to throw Ryan to the wolves in Week 1. Still, if they can buckle down enough to keep whichever poor bastard is standing back there on his feet most of the time, the offense shouldn't be too shabby.

As expected, the defense was what really shone. Curtis Lofton and Kroy Biermann continued to impress, as each notched a sack, and virtually forgotten Daren Stone picked off a pass. Though it was against inferior competition, it's worth noting that Blue Adams piled up a completely insane 10 tackles out there and is really teaching me not to dismiss guys before they've had a chance to take the field.

Even Adam Jennings looked pretty good, with a 28 yard average on two kick returns Saturday. As you can tell by looking at the score, some guy named Jason Elam got some run, as well.

Thoughts on the game?