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Alex Stepanovich Not Stepping Anywhere Now

The Falcons got more bad news Monday along the offensive line, with center Alex Stepanovich carted off the practice field and sent to the magical world of the doctor's office.

Given the Falcons' lack of depth along the line, this is a very legitimate concern. If this injury is serious, Doug Datish could very well be pressed into backup duty. Todd McClure is also still working his way back from an injury, so if any of you reading this are close to 300 pounds and have ever played center in your life, you've got a real shot at making the team out pre-season. Ben Wilkerson is also a candidate to start if the two are out.

There's no word yet on exactly how long Stepanovich is going to be out, but it's going to make fielding enough guys for practice pretty interesting for at least the rest of the week.