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A Most Righteous Quarterbacking Battle

When this off-season began, many of us wrote off D.J. Shockley in this quarterback competition. After all, Chris Redman and Joey Joe Joe Harrington both started last year, and Matt Ryan is the  FUTURE OF THE FRANCHISE. (Pause for dramatic effect.)

Yet if the AJC is to be believed, Shockley is putting himself firmly in the mix for a roster spot. Better yet, he may may in the running for a starting spot. While a couple practices are no reason to turn your car over and burn it in the name of Shockley, it's useful to remember that this is an entirely new coaching staff. For all we know, Ryan and Shock could come out of the pre-season running 1 and 2 on the depth chart.

I am tremendously excited to hear that there's a real competition going on here, at least. Can Shock keep his roster spot?