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Will Jerious Norwood Be Returning Kicks This Year?

The answer to that question is a resounding "maybe."

Tucked away in this Official Site story about the special teams is a mention that Jerious Norwood, Brent Grimes and possibly Thomas Brown are all running against our favorite special teams whupping boy from last year, Mr. Adam Jennings. Jennings is squarely on the roster bubble at this point and is going to need a terrific training camp to keep his job, which is as it should be. It would seem to me that Norwood has the best shot as the backup running back with legs like Road Runner; he's valuable to this team, but he won't be a starter like Grimes and his agility makes him well-suited to the role.

I have nothing against Adam Jennings, but I've said all along that his special teams role is really what keeps him on this team. If he can't hack it there, the Falcons have more than enough options at receiver to justify getting rid of him. That'd be a shame, but in this league you've got to make the best of your opportunities.

My best guess is Norwood, with Thomas Brown serving as a second kick returner. What's your guess?