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Harry Douglas Will Beat You Down

I truly love how a guy can get praise from nearly all quarters for punching a veteran team leader in the head during training camp. If I walk into work today and knock out Joe the Veteran Reporter with a haymaker, I'm pretty sure my bosses wouldn't be commenting on how fiery I am.

And yet that's exactly what happened yesterday, when mighty mite rookie Harry Douglas got frustrated and went for Lawyer Milloy's head. It was a gutsy, foolish move by an intense kid who is already impressing at camp, and I can't help but think it helps his case for third receiver:

Added coach Mike Smith: "Harry's a confident young man; there's no doubt about that. You like to see that in a rookie. At this time of the year tempers get a little bit short. It was all in fun, and that was fun to watch. I don't know if it was the best thing to do to a guy who's been in the league for a long time

While he's impressing everyone at camp, though, he's probably going to get drilled by Milloy at some point. You can't just show up a guy of that stature and not expect some kind of retaliation. I do think it speaks well to his competitive drive, and I expect we'll see plenty of Douglas on-field and off this season.