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Falcons Make Fans Happy, Sign Grady Jackson

For reasons I don't entirely claim to understand, many of you have been desperately clamoring for Grady Jackson. I like the idea of having the guy on as a stopgap starter or depth, but it's unclear just how much is left in the tank for our friend Grady. His size has always been his chief asset, and when that weight meets advanced age he's going to cease to be effective at all..

Still, it makes a lot of sense with reports that Trey Lewis might miss the rest of the year. The team chose to go into training camp with the ultimate platter of mediocrity and now is left with the prospect of Jon Babineaux (maybe) and a lot of guys who have never been more than serviceable. Jackson is at least a vet with a proven track record who can probably give us value at nose tackle in front of our powerful corps of linebackers. I wouldn't pencil him in ahead of guys like Montavius Stanley just yet, but he's got a very good shot to end up there.

Just don't expect miracles from Grady Jackson.