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Todd Weiner In, Von Hutchins Out

The first days of camp have brought us both delight and sorrow, if anything involving Todd Weiner and Von Hutchins can bring forth such emotion. As it is, a mixed line is getting back on of its most well-known veteran while one of the league's youngest cornerbacking corps may have just subtracted its eldest veteran.

Let's start with Von, who has a foot sprain. I'm not a doctor, but I do know that there are various degrees of sprains. If Von's foot is more seriously sprained, there's a potential that he could miss enough time to force someone else into the nickel role. The AJC story talks about new draft pick and aspiring blogger Chevis Jackson being that choice, which means David Irons is likely buried on the depth chart. Normally I fully advocate the youth movement, but the idea of occasionally having four corners under the age of 25 on the field at once does slightly terrify me. I hope he recovers in time for the season opener.

Weiner, meanwhile, comes into camp without a fully fleshed out role. There's no tackles on the roster who are considered absolute anchors, but both Sam Baker and Tyson Clabo seem better bets to have long term value. Weiner could start Day 1 at right tackle, but he's got a long road in front of him and I'd definitely prefer Clabo there if the coaching staff wants to install Baker or someone else at left tackle. If nothing else, he'll be one of the more experienced backups in the league, which can't hurt on this team.

Where do you envision Hutchins and Weiner at the start of the season?