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Falcoholic Fantasy Football...Activate!


So we're finally here. Thanks to the good folks at AOL Fanhouse, you'll all have a chance to thoroughly humiliate me in a fantasy football league.

First off, this is open to anyone who has ever read the site, whether you're a regular or not.  While registration is required at the league site, you don't have to register here to join us. Feel free to, though, as we have some fun here.

Every blog in the network will have a league that will comprise your handsome and talented host and any of you who register.  Depending on the interest, we may be able to set up a second league here as well.

So here's how we're doing it. Seven of you have already gotten e-mails from me. These seven were the first ones to express interest in the league, and will be registering alongside me soon. The remaining four spots in the twelve-man league will be filled up by random drawing; for you longtime commenters who don't have a shiny e-mail sitting in your inbox now, go for it. Anyone who tries to register has a shot to win a slot in the league. 

Prizes, you say? In addition to a front-page post on the topic of your choice (within reason), I may rustle up some Falcons-related awesomeness to hand off to any league winners. If I win, I will be holding it over all of your heads until the universe itself decays into nothingness.

Go on?
Head on over to the league site (  At that page you'll enter your name and email.  Then, in the dropdown menu make sure you find and click on The Falcoholic.

After that, you should receive some kind of e-mail notifying you if you've made the league. Once the 12 teams are set, I will put out a list of the first league's final roster. Then the trash talk will certainly commence, and I certainly wouldn't complain if you all predicted a winner (as long as it's me.)

Draft date and format are still to be determined. If you've indicated your interest or you've just decided you'd like to try this out now, please give registering a try. And if you didn't make the first seven to go, I'm truly sorry--I tried to use the quickest responses as the most democratic way to get this done. Hope you'll still try.

If anybody has any questions, comments or concerns, please either post a comment in this thread, or email me at As of August, this'll be on like Donkey Kong.