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Matt Ryan Is In Somebody's Top Five

USA Today's Reid Cherner and Tom Weir (shown on the site doing the classic "let's pose our writers with some sports *@#$!") have ranked the five most intriguing NFL QB situations, and Matt Ryan and the Falcons have made their list.

Looking at the list, I have to hope it's not actually ranked in order of interest. Matt Ryan and Brady Quinn may actually battle to start this year, but I'm relatively sure nobody's overtaking Vince Young, Jay Cutler and even JaMarcus Russell. It's also either a coincidence or a statement on the NFC that everyone else on the list plays for an AFC team.

But it does raise the very relevant question of when Matt Ryan is going to get a chance to start. My gut says it won't be until at least week 10 (when the Falcons will either be in the thick of it or long out of it), but what do you guys think?