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Falcons Sign Robert James

Hey, did you hear the wicked important news about Brett Favre? It's all over the place. Gosh, what will the Packers do without him? It just gnaws away at my very soul.

Please shoot me!

In much happier news, the Falcons inked fifth round pick Robert James to a four year contract worth a hair over $1.9 million. My feelings on the James pick have been made clear by now--he's probably the single most head-scratching signing of the entire draft--but for that kind of money he's a good value on special teams, as a backup linebacker or as a backup safety. It's a good bet that that's all he'll be asked to do.

Honestly, though, I think the team would be best served putting him at safety. He's got good enough size and speed to play strong safety, and after Lawyer Milloy's wheels fly off the team will want to have more depth there. It's critical to remember that no team makes it by without its role players, and James could well be a capable one.

Glad we signed him?