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The Young Rule The Atlanta Falcon Secondary

There's an interesting yet short story up at at the Atlanta Falcons official site right now which gives you a glimpse at just how young the secondary really could be next year. With each of these stories, it becomes increasingly clear that at least one of the young guys at corner--Chris Houston, Brent Grimes, Chevis Jackson, David Irons, Antoine Harris, and Wilrey Fontenot--is not going to make the team. My money is still on Harris, with Fontenot finishing a strong second, but that's neither here nor there.

What's really interesting about the youth movement is the opportunity this team has to completely rebuild. The only older corner still kicking around is Von Hutchins, who the team can fall back if Houston has a problem. If at least three of these guys really take off, though, the Falcons could have a young, capable secondary for the next four or five years. Imagine not having to turn to Jason Webster or even Hutchins to be the second or third corner, and you can see why I'm so damn excited about the mere chance that it might go down like that.

While you're on that page, by the way, check out some of the one-on-one interviews. It's worth getting to know some of these guys on the off-chance that they turn out to be the next big thing in Atlanta.