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Matt Ryan And Sam Baker In Oklahoma!

None of you can possibly be prepared for how hilariously awkward this video is. I've been laughing my ass off for the better part of the last ten minutes.

Before I tackle any aspects of the video, just go to the always fantastic Kissing Suzy Kolber and watch it yourself.

All done?

In bullet point format, here's what I think are the highlights:

  • Matt Ryan's little lean forward/fist pump thing within the first ten seconds, after which he grins like he just won the Heisman. I dunno about you, but when my wife starts playing Rodgers and Hammerstein in the background, I fist pump too. Especially when it stops playing.
  • I could very well be mistaken here, but it looks like Sam Baker is mouthing along with the words at the beginning of the song. If true, I might suggest that he use that same technique to confuse the hell out of defensive linemen this season. Nothing throws a 300 pound defensive tackle off his game like "Theme from Love Story."
  • To follow up with that, Baker just can't seem to help nodding his head to the music. As noted over at KSK, his expression says "what the hell am I doing here?" but his body language says "can we get a chorus line going here?"
  •  I'm really starting to like Matt Ryan. You get the feeling that he's a pretty regular dude, the kind who is forced to stand up in front of a stage with the cast of a musical standing behind him and no choice but to stand there awkwardly with his arms at his sides and smile, damnit, smile, because otherwise they're going to make us do this all over again and I hate theater! Next time, though, I might suggest that he try moving or blinking. That looks slightly less awkward.
  • Even the clapping is awkward.

If this is for some kind of Falcon PR campaign, I urge whoever's responsible to continue doing this series. If the next spot features Michael Turner and Lawyer Milloy awkwardly swimming with dolphins, I'll buy whatever it is you're selling.

For another hilarious Falcons video, go here.