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Will Trade Joe Horn For Food

Remember those halcyon days when we thought Joe Horn would be traded to the Cowboys for a late round selection? Why, back then, gas was $3.99 a gallon, George Bush was president, and young people blogged about their favorite sporting squads because they felt like it.

What? You say that was last Friday? Well, surely people are still interested in Joe Horn.

Oh, you say they're not.

You're saying there's no market for a veteran leader whose skills are declining? For the love of Art Monk, people, Reggie Williams has a job!

You're honestly telling me that teams like the Patriots or the Colts, who are oozing character and gumption and all that jazz, couldn't use one more terrific locker room guy who has a 50% chance of being useful on the field? Joe Horn doesn't help a team that has no playoff aspirations and a lot of young receivers (see Falcons, Atlanta), but he could be very useful for a contender. If the price is, say, a sixth round draft choice, I'm kind of amazed nobody's willing to pay up. It's also got to be a little embarassing for Horn, who clearly doesn't want to stick around where he's not wanted or needed.

What team would you send Horn to?