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Someone Is Actually Willing To Pay Us For Joe Horn

When we examined Joe Horn earlier this offseason, we all pretty much agreed that it was time for him to go on his merry way. Sure, he's got leadership qualities and an illustrious career, but he also did basically nothing for the Falcons last year. Andre Rison would've probably had a more productive season, and (for those of you who are still wearing your Steve Broussard jerseys) he's been retired for a good many years.

Fortunately for the Falcons, the criminally insane famous Dallas Cowboys just happen to be looking for an aging, relatively ineffective wide receiver. Rotoworld reports that NFL Network's Adam Schefter is saying the Cowboys are keeping a close eye on Horn's situation in Atlanta. There's speculation that they might even surrender a low-round draft choice for him, which is pretty much all any of us can expect at this point.

I'm of the opinion that the team can probably get a fifth rounder in exchange for Horn, which would clear his salary off the books and give younger guys a chance to stick on the squad. If we can get back a fifth (or even a sixth), I think we have to cut our losses and move on.