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Stabbing Guessward: Falcons Starters, Attempt One

You make think it's way too early in the offseason to try something like this, and you would be write. I'm a classically trained professional blogger with a degree in guessology. Don't attempt this kind of dangerous stunt at home without the aid of a hazmat suit.

Now that we've got the disclaimers out of the way, let's do this up.

QB Chris Redman

RB Michael Turner

FB Ovie Mughelli

WR Roddy White

WR Laurent Robinson

TE Ben Hartsock

LT Sam Baker

LG Justin Blalock

C Todd McClure

RG Tyson Clabo

RT Todd Weiner

DE John Abraham

DT Jonathan Babineaux

DT Kindal Moorehead

DE Jamaal Anderson

OLB Stephen Nicholas

MLB Keith Brooking

OLB Michael Boley

CB Chris Houston

FS Erik Coleman

SS Thomas DeCoud

CB Von Hutchins

K Jason Elam

P Michael Koenen