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Is Brent Grimes A Candidate To Start?

From the unexpected division of our preschool-sized news desk comes Steve Wyche's report that Brent Grimes could start. I know it's too early to call any position battle, but Grimes moving into the starting lineup would be a huge upset. I figured Chevis Jackson, David Irons and Von Hutchins were all ahead of him on the depth chart.

Wyche said that the coaching staff really seems like Grimes and his athletic ability, though they have concerns with size and experience. At 5'10, Grimes isn't a huge guy, but if he can leap and stay close to his guy that's not an incredibly major issue.

Though I wasn't expecting his to contend for playing time, I have to say that I'm pretty thrilled to see a guy emerge from the pack. Pundits have roundly mocked our secondary for being awful, so filling our top slots with players who have actually impressed the coaching staff would be a big step forward.

Thoughts on Grimes?