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Bobby Petrino Continues To Infuriate

Delightful article by Tony Barnhart over at the AJC, wherein Bobby Petrino whines about how tough it was to abandon a team that he got paid millions of dollars to run into the ground. I have such sympathy for him, too.

I think the best of the entire article is this:

Petrino did leave room for a little humor before he left. One media member suggested that his Falcons experience was like a bad dream sequence from a television show like "Dallas."

"That's not the show I thought of," Petrino said. "Did you ever see the movie 'Misery?' "

I brought this article with me tonight only because it illustrates how completely socially inept our former coach truly is. He just doesn't get that dashing back to college after less than a full season in the NFL was a monstrous betrayal to the franchise, his players and the fans, to say nothing of the stupid typewritten note he left behind.

We bloggers are often accused of overreacting to moves made by those in the big leagues, but let no man tell me Petrino doesn't deserve every harsh word he gets. I hope the people of Arkansas never have to see the same side to him that we did.