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Falcoholic Community Projects: Running Back

As was the case with our previous attempt at this, I'm looking for as many responses as I can get projecting just how our set of running backs are going to do this year. Do you think Michael Turner will be the bruising, 1,500+ yard power back we all hoped for? Will Jerious Norwood dash and sidestep his way to over 1,000 yards? Can Thomas Brown provide the team with a value in his first year? Where does Jason Snelling fit? Will I ever stop asking questions?

So go ahead and make your projections based on the following criteria:

  1. Rushes/Yards
  2. Yards per game/Average per carry
  3. Touchdowns
  4. Fumbles
  5. Receptions/Yards/TDs
  6. Number of Dirty Bird Shuffles

Go go go!