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Falcoholic Community Projections: Quarterback

Because I love making you guys do all the work, I'm starting a new series of statistical projections for each position on the roster. Do you think Matt Ryan will throw for 6,000 yards and pull down a solid platinum MVP award? Will Chris Redman carry the day? Will all four quarterbacks of consequence on the roster get a shot to play this year?

Make your thoughts known by listing stats for each player you think will get in the game, following these categories:

  1. Attempts, Completions and Completion Percentage (WARNING: may include math)
  2. Yards and Yards Per Attempt
  3. Touchdowns and Interceptions
  4. Sacks
  5. Yards and/or TDs on the ground
  6. QB Rating (WARNING: May be impossible to calculate)

What are you waiting for?