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Jimmy Williams Trying Hard To Lose His Job And Other Stuff

Sometimes you get the feeling a player just isn't interested in taking one for the team. This player might, I dunno, allegedly smoke him some weed, not show up for a mini-camp, then show up 15 pounds overweight. You know, hypothetically.

Or maybe Jimmy Williams is doing it.

I don't want to cast aspersions on Jimmy's character, but I do think it's time the team starts exploring a trade for him. With Coleman, Milloy, DeCoud, Stone and the pupu platter in front of him, a guy who reports to camp overweight and seems indifferent about it clearly isn't going to make a big contribution. I think it's time to see if the Falcons can get some kind of late round draft pick for him. Failing that, maybe getting him down to his playing weight and disciplining him would make him a little more motivated.

In other news:

  • Aaron at FalcFans has a nice piece up on how a holdout from Matty Ice might affect the team. I don't think such a holdout is particularly likely given Blank's desire to get this done, but the team does have to work within the rookie pool. I'd give it a read and file it away as a nightmare scenario.
  • Given our weakness at defensive tackle, I wouldn't mind the Falcons bringing recently released DT Josh Muse in for a look. He's got decent size and strength for a guy who was only an undrafted rookie, and we could use help there that might have some potential.
  • As tom slick pointed out in his timely fanpost, Joe Horn wants out of Atlanta if he's going to be a third or fourth receiver. While I agree that his veteran presence was a nice thing to have, I wouldn't have trusted Horn to catch one of those gigantic beach balls last year. As is the case with Williams, we shouldn't be keeping guys around who aren't interested in fitting in with this time. Time to trade him and wish him well.