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The Mini-Camp Roundup

While you were out enjoying your Saturday, the Falcons were doing important things down in Flowery Branch. Instead of taunting you with that, though, I thought it might be nice to run down a few of the key things that happened today at mini-camp.

For a first person account, check out jamesrael's fanpost over there on the side. He's got a roster sleeper y'all might want to check out.

Finneran in camp: Considering he's the player with perhaps the least chance of making the final roster, it's still good to see Shark Finn out there. While I suspect he'll catch on with another receiver needy team (Titans?), I always enjoyed what he did for the Falcons when there were very few bright spots out there. Unless he blows the new coaching staff away, though, he's likely on his way out.

Shockley's back: Ryan and Shockley split reps as the #3 quarterback, which basically spells doom for Shock. Again, he might catch on for a team in desperate need of a competent backup QB (Panthers?), but the coulda-been-a-fan-favorite isn't going to last through camp unless Joey Joe Joe gets a chair broken over his face. These injury casualties are pretty damn depressing, aren't they?

Brooking working outside: And I don't mean mowing lawns. Brooking got some work on the weakside today, while future stud middle linebacker Curtis Lofton worked inside. As someone who has tremendous respect for Brooking, I have to say that working at his more natural (and preferred) outside spot and perhaps rotating with Stevie Nickles. This could indicate nothing at all, but I don't think it's a stretch to say that the new coaching staff may not be enamored with Nicholas. I also think he's the future at the position, though.

"Nothing set in stone": We've heard this a lot so far. The Falcons seem much more open-minded early in the offseason than they have in years past, which is very encouraging for guys like Jerious Norwood. I'd really love to believe that roles will be awarded purely on the basis of merit. That may sound obvious, but those of you who watched Petrino trot Dunn out there every Sunday after spit-roasting him for weeks at a time know exactly what I mean.

Hat tip to (who else?) the AJC for the info.