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New Atlanta Falcons: RB Thomas Brown




Thomas Brown's choice of school ensures that the he'll be a fan favorite here in Atlanta, much like D.J. Shockley before him. Like Shock, Brown is a low-round prospect whose talent may exceed his draft slot. Here's a look at the pros, cons and likely role for Bad, Bad Thomas Brown, after the jump.


History: Played four years in Georgia, performing best in his freshman and senior campaigns. Before that, Brown was a high school star at Tucker, ensuring that he'll at least play a little in Georgia at least level of his young career. He was named Georgia's most consistent running back in 2005 and earned freshman All-SEC accolades. Has, like much of this draft class, a very bland name.

Pros: Brown is a tough kid who cuts inside and out well. He's got quick footwork, which gives him deceptive agility for someone without elite speed. Projects as pretty much the perfect third down back, because he catches very well. Brown has a good head on his shoulders and could actually have role in the return game, especially if Chandler Williams ain't all that and a bag of chips. Has that same kind of laser vision that LaDanian Tomlinson is known for, too.

Cons: Brown isn't big, which is a severely overrated thing in the first place. I don't see Maurice Jones-Drew struggling because he's tiny. Unfortunately, Brown's speed and strength are only average. Unless he bulks up and gets slowly drawn out, I don't think he'll ever be able to carry a full workload by himself. As a third down back, I would be much more willing to trust him catching the ball out of the backfield than running in short yardage situations, as he's not been super effective in those situations.

Role: Snelling might have stuck better if Turner wasn't such a bruiser, but as it is he might not make the team. Brown is a talented kid who is well-rounded enough to be a third down back and perhaps future pure backup for the Falcons. To begin with, he's likely to be a special teamer who gets a few carries when Turner and Norwood get banged up. I would give him a better than 90% chance of making this team, though.

Final Thoughts: I hope local kid makes good here in Atlanta, where the fans will definitely love him. As a special teamer with a chance to grow into something more, Brown was a decent choice who will round out the roster. Not a real area of need, in my opinion, but I like Brown enough to give him the benefit of non-doubt.