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Falcons Draw A Southern Slate For Preseason

It's usually difficult to get a good sense of your team's talent during the preseason. After all, when your fourth stringers are out there on the field tripping over the football and trying to earn a job against fellow fourth stringers, you are not getting a picture of what the best team on the field might look like. Still, the quality of your opponents can help you make that determination.

That's why I'm glad the Falcons are set to get a workout late this summer, with the Jaguars, Colts, TItans and Ravens serving as the four-game slate. Obviously, all these teams have a ton of talent that may be on the field long enough for us to get a glimpse at the success of the draft and free agent strategy the good Comrade is providing. Indianapolis and Jacksonville in particular give us tough looks on offense and defense, respectively.

If the Falcon starters don't screw up too badly against their counterparts, this season might be a little easier on the eyes than anticipated. Too much could go wrong before then, but I believe in the new management. If nothing else, maybe we can get four wins in the preseason.