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The Monday Morning Draft Pep Talk

Time for the draftermath, I guess.

I'm planning on doing a profile on each one of our new players and his likely role with the team, which you can look forward to throughout this week and possibly next. There'll also be plenty of time to discuss just what the hell happened with this draft and whether Dimitroff's comments about the lines were simple misdirection or something more sinister.

I also want to add that I appreciate you guys keeping your tempers (mostly) under control, even though I didn't do such a great job of it. I'd like to remind everyone that we shouldn't be taking shots at one another just because we're pissed off about the way the draft went down; let's keep discussions civil. Also, as a few have urged, let's try to keep as open a mind as possible about this draft class. We may very well suck like a Georgia-based black hole this season, but we may also squeeze some significant contributions out of the new guys.

Above all, let's remember that we're Falcons fans.  When life gives us lemons, we dive behind the couch in case those lemons are actually tiny bombs. If some of you haven't given up after following this team for 30 or 40 years, now sure as hell isn't the time to do it.