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My Dreams Crushed As Dolphins Draft Jake Long

My hopes and prayers have not been answered. The Dolphins will pick Jake Long first overall, throwing the rest of the draft in question.

I'll be updating this later tonight, but for now, discuss.

Update [2008-4-22 23:31:45 by Dave the Falconer]: Okay, I'm still depressed about this. There are some Falcons fans out there who would like Ryan, but if Long and Dorsey go off the board 1-2, most of us aren't going to be happy. Chris Long simply isn't a realistic option for this team, but at this point Dimitroff ought to make noise about taking anybody he can to try to find a trade partner. I'd much rather be taking Sedrick Ellis at #8 than Matt Ryan at #3.

Realistically, though, if we're stuck at 3 then the Falcons are probably going to seriously consider Ryan. He's going to cost a ton of money and I don't particularly want him, but I will support his skinny Bawston self to the ends of the earth if we draft him. I'd just hate to have to put that to the test.