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Falcons Being Set Up For Glenn Dorsey Pick

If you believe NBC Sports writer Tom Curran, the Dolphins are extremely close to agreeing on a contract with OT Jake Long. Let the gnashing of teeth and weeping commence.

What's interesting about this is that Curran thinks the Rams will also snap up Chris Long at #2 in this scenario, which leaves the Falcons with a clear choice between Matt Ryan, Glenn Dorsey and perhaps Sedrick Ellis. Because I believe our good Comrade does not like weak American quarterback, Dorsey seems like a better than 75% bet to be the Falcon pick at #3.

I would be more than okay with that. While I believe the Falcons would be best served with Long and then a series of picks aimed at our other needs, Dorsey would be an absolute killer building block along that defensive line. I don't know how Jamaal Anderson would avoid getting a sack or two next year if Dorsey was mauling linemen like an angry bear. In this scenario, the Falcons still have an excellent chance to pick up Sam Baker or Gosder Cherilus (greatest name ever!) at offensive tackle in the second round. Frankly, I don't think we lose with either Dorsey or Jake Long at that spot.

This does give the Falcons an interesting look next year. Assuming the team takes Dorsey, they have chronically injured but also amazing John Abraham on one end, Dorsey and either Trey Lewis or Babineaux in the middle, and giant rookie disappointment Jamaal Anderson on the other side. Pair that with goddamn soul-devouring phantasm Michael Boley, Keith Brooking and Stephen Nicholas in the linebacking corps and you have a very underrated front seven that could make our lives a little more bearable next season.