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Big, Exciting News!

So I know I've been kind of an absentee blog-dad over the last few days, but I do have some terrific news for the lot of you.

First off, The Falcoholic will be migrating to the new SBN platform on Friday. It'll probably take us all a day or two to adjust, but the new features are really going to be a godsend. When Friday rolls around, makes sure you claim your account (which can then be used SBN wide) and get back to commenting aplenty. If you guys have any questions on Friday, I will do my best to answer them, though I might be a little scarce for part of the day.

That segues nicely into the NFL Draft liveblog, which is going to be two whole days of basically non-stop analysis. With the new stuff going on, we should have improved comment capacity and the like, so be sure to stop by whenever you can.