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Mike Smith Wears Makeup With A Grimace

When evaluating a new coach, you definitely want to be clear on how much foundation he can take without looking like a total hooker. Thanks to this piece from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Steve Wyche, we know that Mike Smith is a true man--makeup or no.

"It's part of the job that I'm required to do," Smith said. "Is it my favorite thing to do? No. I'd much rather be preparing for a practice or watching tape or watching tape of the draft. That's where I feel more comfortable."

This may sound strange to you, but I find this comforting. It's not like Bobby Petrino was a media darling, but for some reason I always will like coaches who are uncomfortable with jumping through the media relations hoops. I want a guy who spends so much time with his nose in his playbook that he's got smudged slant routes on his cheeks, and Smith looks to be that type. I can't wait to see what he does when the Falcons are actually playing.

God, this is the slow time of the offseason, isn't it?