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The Thursday Falcon News Wrap

We're jumping right in this morning with some wide-ranging Falcon type news.

1. Mark Bradley of the AJC is advocating the drafting of Matt Ryan, calling him the best pure college passer he's ever seen. Most Falcons fans in the comments disagree with him.

I don't blame Bradley for advocating for a guy he likes, and at least he's not going to throw a level-10 hissy if they go in a different direction. I'm just failing to understand why Ryan, a guy with not-stupendous arm strength and decision making, is worth the gigantic amount of money it'll take to get him at the #3 spot. Sign me up for Flacco or Brohm, please.

2. Jimmy Williams is being a huge question mark again. After walking away from minicamp, there were no sightings of our much-maligned safety over the next two days. My best guess is that he was told he'd be working as the #3 free safety in camp and decided to take off. Mike Smith is handling it more diplomatically than I would, but it's clear that Jimmy needs to shape up or get the hell out of Flowery Branch.

3. The Falcons (years ago, now) got Chauncey Davis and Michael Koenen to sign tenders. Davis likely should've gotten more run last year as Jamaal Anderson flailed around uselessly on the field, but Anderson should still get every chance to start this year. Davis makes a capable third end, if nothing else.

Koenen, of course, is a strong-legged, far-punting, ass-kicking machine who needs to be kept around. Not a difficult decision for the Falcons, I think.

4. I picked up DT Kentwan Balmer with my latest pick in the SBN Mock; you can check it out over at Mocking The Draft. While we've all seen that guy who explodes his senior year and turns out to be a total failure at the NFL level, I think Balmer can be a younger, less fragile Rod Coleman within two years. I can't pass that shit up.

5. Because I love all of my readers, I've secured both days of the NFL Draft for live-blogging. If you want lazy, half-assed analysis and rude comments on other teams' picks, you're going to want to listen to my drunken rantings on April 26 and 27. How's that for an ad pitch?