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Falcons Huddling With Glenn Dorsey

Per Sports Illustrated's Peter King:

I think you wouldn't be surprised if I told you Atlanta GM Thomas Dimitroff led a small contingent to Baton Rouge for a heart-to-heart with Glenn Dorsey Saturday afternoon, would you? I think it's Dorsey or Matt Ryan for the Falcons at three.

I still vehemently disagree about Ryan, but you all know that by now. What's more interesting is the talk of Dorsey, especially now that rumors are intensifying about the Dolphins taking Jake Long with the first pick.

The Falcons would have to be crazy not to pick Dorsey if Jake and Chris Long are off the board. For all the talk about Gholston (and even Chris Long), we still do have a young, ostensibly talented end in Jamaal Anderson that we should probably give at least one more year to develop. Dorsey would give the team an immediate upgrade at defensive tackle and anchor what has the potential to be a pretty decent line. It also fits the Dimitroff mold of building like a Lego castle instead of trying for splash and dazzle.