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Joe Flacco A Falcon In SBN Mock Draft

With Brian Brohm off the board, I had a tough choice to make. Do I pick Johnny-come-lately QBJoe Flacco, who excelled in his senior year, or do I pick also-late-to-the-party-and-wearing-too-much-eyeliner-Joanie DT Kentwan Balmer? In the end, it wasn't really all that difficult.

You can find my write-up over at Mocking The Draft, complete with lavish praise from SBN resident scout Matt Miller. I know Flacco might not be the top choice in everyone's minds (although I'm pretty sure Jesse is going to pop open a bottle of scotch when he reads this), but I think we can all agree that he was one of the best players and best QBs left on the draft board at this point. That said, I don't mind if you rip me a new one.


Update [2008-4-14 2:22:4 by Dave the Falconer]: Work schedule permitting, I'll be following the minicamps pretty closely the next few days. The deadly combination of work and being drunk off the draft has limited my longer posts lately, but I intend to fix it soon. Thanks for bearing with me, guys.