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Falcons Re-Sign Michael Boley!

The Falcons had to re-sign Michael Boley, who almost certainly is the team's best player after annihilating entire offenses by himself last year. We had to lose a lot of fan favorites along the way, but I didn't really think Comrade Dimitroff and Mike Smith would let Boley walk into the season without some kind of deal.

Mission accomplished, baby!

Boley still flies under the radar a little bit, but he's about as well-rounded a linebacker as there is in the NFL. While Lance Briggs gets headlines, Boley just simply surpasses him as a teammate and player. Last year he piled up 125 tackles, three sacks, two interceptions and seven pass deflections. It wouldn't surprise me to see him surpass those numbers next year, especially because the defense could be even more iffy to begin with.

Long story short, I don't even care about the financials. This was a smart football decision, and I for one welcome our Michael Boley overlord.

Update [2008-4-10 12:52:5 by Dave the Falconer]: It's a one year,$2 million contract that should only last until they ink him to a long-term deal.