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Falcons Get Another Helping Of Draft Goodness

Well, Ol' Mr. Goodell was fixin' up a hot plate of third round picks, and by gummit, he wanted the Falcons to have another one. Would've been impolite to decline, y'know.

So that's how the already draft pick rich team ended up with yet another selection, this one the 35th pick in the third round. Because of their activity in free agency, the team got a compensatory pick and is now poised to address several major needs by the end of the third round. The Falcons could very well end up with a pair of offensive linemen, a tackle and a QB by then, with secondary help and more on the way after. Obviously, this is terrific news and it will be keeping me even busier on draft day. The question is--and I'll let you guys debate it--who should the team pick at that spot?

Don't forget to check Mocking the Draft for my pick at #3 at 10 a.m. today. I think you'll all be less than surprised, but still pleased.