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Falcons Continue To Bolster Defensive Line Depth

Comrade Dimitroff isn't wasting any time re-shaping this team, and with each free agent signing it becomes a little deeper. This time it's DT Rashad Moore and DE Simon Fraser riding to the rescue.

Assuming the Falcons do exactly what I expect them to do (extremely unlikely), the Falcons will go into the season with Babineaux, Lewis, Moorehead, Moore, Fraser and a draft pick at the two tackle spots. Fraser is technically a 300 pound defensive end, but he's unlikely to crack the rotation there with a lack of top flight agility. Moorehead might be a starter if Lewis doesn't heal up, and Moore is another valuable reserve who probably should not start. That leaves the Falcons with a deep line without a single truly dominant tackle.

This indicates that the Falcons will still try to add an impact guy through the draft, which means Glenn Dorsey and Sed Ellis are still real possibilities. The Falcons could also dip for one a little later in the draft, but Babineaux and Trey Lewis is looking a little less appetizing every day.

As a side note, the Falcons might re-sign Joey Joe Joe! It makes all kinds of sense and saves the the team money, so color me okay with it.