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Trey Lewis Continues Proud Falcon Tradition Of DTs Injuring Themselves

Oh, Trey Lewis. Why did you have to fall down a flight of stairs, ruining your freshly repaired leg.  This was probably somehow Rod Coleman's doing. Nothing to do for it, I guess. I'll just read this magazine to show my disappointment.

Oh, wait, we're screwed. Damnit!

I have no idea how the new coaching staff felt about Lewis, but he had the size and ability to at least be a solid backup. With him down and Coleman released, this team is officially boned in terms of depth at the position. If Pudge from FalcFans is right, Jake Long will be already making his way to St. Louis by the time the third pick rolls around. If that's the case, this team has to seriously consider drafting Glenn Dorsey or Sedrick Ellis. It's certainly not the ideal spot to pick a defensive tackle, but unless this new regime is also in love with injured project David Patterson, there's an urgent need to upgrade.

Here's hoping Trey recovers quickly, but Dimitroff and Smith must move to replace him and bolster the middle of the line. The fact that Jamaal Anderson could very well suck again next year makes it all the more critical.

Also, if you've ever become enraged at Arthur Blank, Javon Walker's new contract is proof that we could have it worse. Al Davis is batshit crazy.