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Falcons Release Joey Joe Joe Harrington

I remember the start of last season well, with me criticizing Joey Harrington incessantly and poster Templar valiantly defending him. Eventually, I agreed that he deserved our support and a chance to prove himself, and everyone thought it best to watch how he did.

Well, he wasn't awful. With an offensive line or a coach who could actually gameplan, Harrington might actually still be the starter going into next year. Instead, he was victimized by a lust for Byron Leftwich and Chris Redman's completely unexpected emergence. According to Rotoworld, Harrington's not-bad stats were rewarded with a release.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, this increases the possibility that the Falcons will go with D.J. Shockley as one of their three quarterbacks, a move which I support. It also increases the possibility that the team will shoot for a free agent like Quinn Gray or draft a quarterback in the early rounds. I would definitely support a 2nd-3rd round pick being used on a QB, of course. If this is moving toward Matt Ryan, however, I might just throw up. Let's stay tuned and see if Dimitroff drops some knowledge on us.

And Templar, wherever you've gotten to, you were basically right. Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo not only carried the team in the nickname department last year, but he also wasn't half-bad out there. It's just time the Falcons got a little better than not half-bad.