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Brett Favre Retires, Leaves Bitter Memories In Atlanta

Hey, remember when Favre was an awesome quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons? Oh, never mind. He only became great after he left us. That's right.

Of course, no one could resist rubbing it on our faces all these years, but there was just nothing for it. Jerry Glanville legitimately didn't like Favre, and he became the latest in a long series of excruciatingly bad moves in hindsight for the franchise.

All that's in the distant past, however. There's no denying how great Favre was all these years, even if he did more waffling on retirement each offseason than the Belgians. You just have to tip your hat to him and wish him luck wherever he goes next, as the entire state of Wisconsin mourns today.

Goodbye, gunslinger. And don't forget to visit Acme Packing Company, our Packers blog, and soothe the weeping and gnashing of teeth.