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Good Night, Sweet Prince: Warrick Dunn Released

Michael Turner's signing meant that, inevitably, Warrick Dunn would be released. Because he asked for the release, I'm glad the Falcons didn't drag their feet and make a mess out of this. It still sucks to see him go.

I'll remember Warrick as one of the game's nicest guys. I doubt I'm alone there, but during his time with the Falcons he rushed for over 1,000 yards three times. He'll leave Atlanta near the top of the franchise rushing list and with the city a lot better off for having had him around. With Crumpler and Dunn gone, the team has a clear leadership void that someone's going to have to fill. I'm thinking Keith Brooking and John Abraham might have to step up and fill it.

Unfortunately, the move was also the right one by any on the field standard. You can blame the offensive line, but there's no denying that Dunn's production declined in a steep fashion last year. With the team uncertain and Dunn getting no younger, it made sense to look for someone else. It's tough to bid farewell to such a class act this way, but I'm hopeful that if we play his new team this year we'll give him a little tribute.