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SBNation NFL Mock Draft Is Here

For those of you who aren't already drafted-out by the fact that it's mainly prospect news around the interwebs, I encourage you to check out Mocking the Draft today. The SBNation Mock Draft is kicking off in a major way starting today, with two picks to be announced over the course of the day. That, of course, leaves yours truly to make the third selection.

What I'm hoping to get is reader input here. Check out Mocking the Draft throughout the day and tell me who you think I should target with #3. I'd like as much reader input as possible by tonight, when I'm expected to single-handedly save our franchise. Keep those comments coming throughout the day, guys.

[editor's note, by Dave the Falconer] Without giving anything away, my decision has essentially been made for me. Feel free to guess away as the picks are posted throughout the day.