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Falcoholic Draft Countdown: New Orleans Saints, #10

1. Chris Long, DE, Miami Dolphins
2. Jake Long, OT, St. Louis Rams
3. Glenn Dorsey, DT, Atlanta Falcons
4. Darren McFadden, RB, Oakland Raiders
5. Ryan Clady, OT, Kansas City Chiefs
6. Vernon Gholston, LB, New York Jets
7. Leodis McKelvin, CB, New England Patriots
8. Matt Ryan, QB, Baltimore Ravens
9. Sedrick Ellis, DT, Cincinnati Bengals

Well, given the combination of the Bengals' need and Ellis being arguably the best player left on the board, this one was pretty easy. He'll contribute immediately and help shore up a Bengals defense that isn't fantastic up front.

Next we move to the hated Saints, where silent, tumbleweed-infested Canal Street Chronicles used to blog. Because there's nothing to be gleaned from the site at the moment, I will tell you that the Saints have needs at tight end, defensive tackle and corner, and could probably use a little more help at wide receiver (personal opinion) and kicker. Neither of those last two are first round concerns, though.

Anyways, knock yourselves out.

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