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Hey Ho, It's Clabo: Falcons Re-Sign Offensive Tackle

Good for you, Tyson. It's only a one-year deal, but Clabo went from an absolute nobody to a talented nobody that half the fans in Atlanta still don't know about. With Todd Weiner still hurt, he's very likely to start and may hold the right tackle spot throughout the season. Young Tyson is solid against the pass rush and is likely to come at a reasonable price, so there's absolutely nothing to complain about here.

This locks up one starting spot on the line, and leaves us with something like this:

LT: ?
LG: Justin Blalock
C: Todd McClure
RG: ?
RT: Clabo/Weiner

My God, that's awful. Clabo and Blalock are the only starting-caliber guys with any potential to grow. I'd be immensely surprised if the Falcons drafted any less than three offensive linemen given the glaringly obvious need. Then again, I am a Falcons fan, so I probably shouldn't be surprised if we draft 11 wide receivers, or a small army of circus bears.

Thoughts on Clabo?