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Jason Elam Goes To Atlanta

My favorite thing about the kicking position is that you can have a full-on geezer battle. if old and still effective kicker Jason Elam ends up in Atlanta, the Falcons will still have ancient Morten Andersen on speed dial in case he's injured. Hell, maybe they can have wheelchair races around Flowery Branch. That'd be worth the price of admission.

But I was going to talk about something of substance. I really would like the Falcons to go young at kicker for the long term, but I'll be damned if I can say no to one of the game's better kickers for a year or two. Elam still converts a high-percentage of his kicks and hasn't lost as much leg strength as some have fussed over. I'm not saying he's going to take kickoff duties from Koenen (as a matter of fact, there's no way in hell), but he's certainly a nice option for field goals.

I'm just as much on board with the drafting of a young kicker like Brandon Coutu as the rest of you. I think if I suggested otherwise, you'd mutiny (is this a naval blog?), so I'm still very much in favor with bringing a kicker aboard in the later rounds. If the Falcons could someone keep two kickers on the roster, that would be the ideal situation for a youngster to learn from Elam/Andersen/Mighty Thor.

Still, let's see what happens Wednesday.