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Falcoholic Draft Countdown: Miami Dolphins, #1

Welcome, friends. Today we kick off a furiously paced community draft where each of you inputs your probable draft pick for the slot in question. We begin today with the Miami Dolphins, capably handled by AFC East stalwart Matty I of The Phinsider.

If the Falcons are a rebuilding team, the Dolphins are a reconstructing one. They have a possible franchise QB (John Beck), a terrific young running back (Ronnie Brown), and a few nice pieces on defense. That's...well, that's basically it. They need everything.

With that in mind, hop over to The Phinsider and consider their thoughts, and then make your pick in the comments. Voting will formally close at 11:00 p.m. Wednesday night, and after that we'll be going with 24 hour voting spans.

Click entry link to get to the poll and the comments at the same time.