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Joey Harrington Returns To Falcontown

Hey Joey you're so mediocre
You're so mediocre
But at least you're not Jeff Smoker
Hey, hey, Jeff Smoker

There will  be no parades for Joey Harrington. He won't be swimming a vault filled with money, the women and men of Atlanta won't swoon when he walks by, and he most certainly isn't getting any free meals yet. His signing is being met with a healthy mix of groans and muttering by most Falcons fans, with your stunningly intelligent host one of the few exceptions.

Look, if this ends up costing D.J. Shockley a roster spot, I won't be happy. This team is not in a position to be signing veterans at the expense of young players, especially when the talent gap isn't massive. But as a backup and spot starter who isn't forcing someone else out of a job, what's wrong with Harrington? The Falcons would have to be insane to go into next season with Chris Redman as the only legitimate starter and we still have no idea what Shock can do, though I'd like to see him do...something. A cheap two year contract for Joey is nothing but providing depth through a difficult year at a position that is still a serious need. If he never sees the field as a starter next year, he'll still have earned his paycheck. Arguably he'll earn it a lot more that way, but I digress.

The real question here is how the depth chart will end up shaking out. I honestly don't know until everyone gets a chance to compete, but I'm hopeful whoever it is will have to earn the shot to be #1.